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Proper and safe Auto Collision repair following 
OEM guidelines is our specialty!

Whether it is a simple dent repair or more complex structural repair, Red Rock Collision has the equipment and the know-how to give you the results you expect.

Accidents happen. When they do, it is our goal is to make the auto body repair experience easy on you. We follow established internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) that direct each phase of our meticulous process. Every one of Red Rock Collision’s technician receive specific training to ensure consistent, accountable, and uniform repairs. You can depend on us as a superior provider of auto body repair services in the Cottonwood and Verde Valley area.

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Our superior services offer you and your family quality you can trust

Experienced Staff

Ken Rocha Collision experience begins with our technicians. We have been serving RI since 1975 in the Collision and Restoration industry. We can offer you state of the art and safe solutions.

Towing Arrangements

Ken Rocha Collision & Body Shop will arrange for your towing and rental car services for you so you have one less thing to worry about. Accidents are stressful enough, let us handle the rest.

Post Repair Inspections

Because of our experience and training, we are also able to offer a service that is not available in every market. We offer a Post Repair Inspection for any prior repairs you may have had. If you have had a repair done to your vehicle, and maybe you aren’t sure it was done correctly or have some issues or concerns about the workmanship. We offer a free visual inspection of the repairs and we can usually tell you if deeper inspections should be considered.

Free Estimates

Ken Rocha Collision offers FREE repair estimates. Sometimes, damage may not be easily seen. With your approval, we will completely disassemble the damaged area to get a more detailed and precise assessment of your Auto Collision repair needs.

Quality Control and Delivery

We practice quality control throughout the entire auto body repair process. Every technician, every step of the way, is responsible for conducting work-in-process examinations of the repaired area before proceeding to the next step. 

Refinishing and Painting

Red Rock Collision takes pride in our painting abilities! We are well known for doing flawless paint work and even custom paint if needed. The owner started this business by being a painter and takes extra care to make sure the refinish work is the best in the business. Often times, insurance companies try to cut corners when it comes to painting the vehicle after repairs are complete. We do not allow this and we will not cut any corners. From the corrosion protection behind the panels, to the jambs inside the door and openings all the way out to the perfect color match and a high gloss clear coat finish! Red Rock Collision uses waterborne paint systems to assure a perfect color match and the latest environmentally friendly products.


Detailing preserves your vehicle’s “factory finish” luster and keeps it looking great for its expected lifetime and then some. Car detailing is especially effective where cars sit outside and are subject to environmental hazards like pollen, bird droppings, sand and the occasional snowstorm. When your auto body paint job is completed, our detailers will buff your new paint job, polish the wheels, and clean the interior. Your vehicle will look as close to new as the day you first brought it ho

Bumper, Scratch and Dent Repairs

Even if your vehicle is deemed a total loss we assist with entire process from start to finish. We guarantee every customer receives the full amount they are entitled to for their vehicle.  

Unibody, Frame, and Mechanical Repairs

Our certified technicians only use pre-approved auto-manufacturer’s unibody repair procedures and equipment to restore your vehicle back to their standards. By following the manufacturer’s specifications, Red Rock Collision’s is in the position to offer you our lifetime warranty of any unibody work performed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Appraisals for Diminished Value

Often repairs on your vehicle, due to a collision, diminish the value of the vehicle when it comes time to resale the vehicle or trade it in. Even if the repair was done correctly and you are happy with the repairs, these repairs still leave a footprint that may come up later and you should be aware of it. Often, because of this fact, the insurance company may owe you for a diminished value claim. Either way, it is always a good idea to have someone you trust look over the repairs and help you determine if they were done correctly and safely. Red Rock Collision offers this service for free. In the event that we find the repairs to be substandard, we can help you deal with the repair facility and insurance company to get it done correctly and safely.

Mechanical Services

Routine Maintenance


• Lube, Oil, Filter, Fluids

• Belts & Hoses

• Brakes

• Tires

• Alignment

• Exhaust System

Engine & Transmission


• Diagnostic

• Tune-Up

• Repair

• Replacement

•  Engine & Transmission Reprogramming 

Cooling Services & A/C


• Pressure Test

• System Flush

• Complete System Service & Repair

• Evacuation & Recharge Services

• Component Replacement



• Emergency/Caution Lighting Systems

• Wiring Harness

• Charging & Starting Systems



• Glass Repair & Replacement

• Decals & Graphics

• Full Detailing Services Interior & Exterior

Steering & Suspension


• Preventative Maintenance

• Component Repair & Replacement

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