10 Things You Don’t Know About The Auto Collision Repair Industry

  1. No laws are forcing a shop to fix your car a certain way, or that they repair them correctly for that matter. Often it is up to the technician to decide, with little or no guidance or instruction. Some shops cut corners to turn cars out faster. Especially if they are held accountable for rental car expenses or to meet deadline set by their insurance partners. None of these things help assure that your vehicle is repaired correctly and with your safety in mind!
  2. Your car manufacturer has specific guidelines on how to fix your vehicle. This information comes at a cost to body shops, so not all of them bother to look it up, and follow the procedures. Even OEM certified shops and large “Big Box” franchise repair shops have to research this information, but many don’t take the time to do so. Red Rock Collision refers to these for every repair we do. Ask us for the information and documentation and we will gladly show you what we have discovered.
  3. Your insurance company may make you think you have to use the shop they recommend, or the shop they “guarantee”. These shops are often held back by the insurance company as to how they can repair the vehicle. But ultimately, you have the final say, they have to work with the shop of your choice. There are plenty of options, but we hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your business.
  4. Your insurance company may tell you that they are not warrantying the repairs if you don’t use their preferred shop. This is false. The insurance companies do not warranty repairs, the body shop that does the repair does. This is a scare tactic. Red Rock Collision offers the best warranty in the Verde Valley and we stand behind every repair, from parts and paint to workmanship and quality!
  5. Your car may be considered a total loss, even if the damage looks minor. Cars are more expensive to repair these days, and even newer cars are getting totaled at higher rates than in prior years. We can help you with this even if we don’t repair your vehicle. We can provide all the documentation on what is damaged and help you determine the value of your vehicle as you negotiate with the insurance company in the event your vehicle is a total loss.
  6. Your repair costs may seem higher than you expected. Typically, the body shop with the most lines on an estimate is the one who truly knows what it takes to fix your car correctly. Often shops will write a quick estimate and leave off several things in order to appear cheaper than other shops. Ultimately the repairs cost the same if they are done correctly. We recommend you choose a repair facility you trust and let them disassemble your vehicle to provide an accurate estimate for repair, leaving out the guesswork and shock of a large supplement after they begin repairs.
  7. Parts make a difference. There are a lot of aftermarket and alternative parts out there, and the insurance companies will try to push for the cheapest parts. Using these alternative parts could void your warranty and ultimately diminish the value of your vehicle! OEM parts are always recommended. Some policies allow the insurance company to use cheaper options and you may have to pay the difference to get the best quality parts. Red Rock Collision will work with you and the insurance company to help with this. Talk to the shops that you are considering about the parts being put back on your car and make sure they have your best interest in mind.
  8. Rental cars may not be covered in your policy. If they are, we can help you get that set up locally. If they aren’t, we can help you get the best price on a rental. On occasion, we have a loaner vehicle available as well.
  9. Your vehicle may have damage to critical safety components. These may not show up as “idiot lights” or indicators on the dash. Make sure that the shop you choose will scan your vehicle before and after the repairs and will recalibrated all the sensors that are affected by the repairs. Today’s vehicles are very complicated and require special equipment and training to handle this.
  10. You may be entitled to a diminished value payout from your insurance company following your collision repair. Ask your shop about filing a diminished value claim. Red Rock Collision offers this service along with inspections from other repairs that you have had in your vehicle by other collision facilities. These are called “Post Repair Inspections” and we specialize in this. Often we can tell you if the repairs were done as the shop said they did it and if it was done to OEM standards. This inspection is free of charge. Ask us how this works and we will walk you through the process.

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